About Us

Where learning happens

Kanuka Corner is a mixed age setting embracing the Māori principle of Tuākana/Tēina. We cater for tamariki from 12 months to school age.

You’ll see and feel it as soon as you walk through the door Kanuka Corner is a nurturing environment inspired by the natural world. Inside we have two learning spaces;

Te Ruma Iti is a smaller, more intimate environment which invites the learner to the quieter pursuits like art, puzzles, games and dramatic play with open-ended resources where you can let your imagination guide you.

Te Ruma Nui is a larger space which lends itself to the more physical learning pursuits like construction, blocks, playdough, music, and again open-ended opportunities for pottering and tinkering.

Our garden

Our expansive garden invites exploration, whimsy, and wonder. With active vegetable gardens, different levels and terrain, climbing, digging, for our most physical learners, for our gentler learners we offer protected garden rooms where tamariki can pick flowers, smell the herbs, listen and watch the birds flit from tree to tree. It is an environment to fill the senses, discover, explore and test physical abilities.

Passionate and supportive

Our passionate and dedicated kaikako are working alongside the tamariki, supporting and guiding where needed, laughing and enjoying the fun with our tamariki. In short it is an engaging, positive and supportive space for all to thrive.

Our Core Values


It takes a village to raise a child, This old adage resonates with us at Kanuka Corner as we are deeply connected to our close nit community. Our values are influenced strongly by the people, places and things in our community.


We recognise Te Reo as an official language of New Zealand and honor Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Also, celebrating full cultural diversity. We value the principle of manaakitanga, you are welcome here, this is your place.


The seeds of creativity live in all of us. Through our culturally responsive curriculum we endeavor to unlock and nurture imagination in all ways possible.


At Kanuka Corner we are passionate about ensuring wholesome, healthy food is provided for our tamariki. We believe ‘we are what we eat’. Our diet has a direct impact on health, well-being, learning and development.


We value peacefulness at Kanuka Corner. This is achieved through developing and maintaining caring, calm and respectful relationships with people, places and things. Our tamariki develop a positive sense of self through the nature of the relationships surrounding them.


Wherever possible our resources are sustainable, recyclable, and gifted from nature. Our garden feeds, challenges and holds us. The inside environment is cosy, warm and homely. Offering tamariki a calm space to potter and tinker with our open ended resources.

The Team

A special and experienced staff

At Kanuka Corner our values are at the heart of all that we do. Our team of highly experienced kaiako work together to ensure that our tamariki are enveloped in a culture of kindness, peacefulness and exploration.

We recognise the importance of nurturing our relationship with one another as crucial for modeling authentic, positive, pro-social relationships. All our kaiako are committed to sustainable living and this is reflected in our programme and the resources that we have.